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Guest Bloggers

Stoker Reflections 1 Year Later

Beklan is 1 month old! We can’t believe how fast the time is going and how fast he is growing. He decided to remind us of that by busting out of his onesie during his picture today!

It was wonderful being at the race in Liberty Park. It brought back so many memories and emotions from […]

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Happy Father’s Day

I have been a father now for almost 12 years.  The journey has been riddled with potholes; but Father’s Day reminds me of just how lucky I am.  My wife and I have struggled with fertility issues from the beginning.  After several attempted insemination and IVF cycles, we failed to conceive a child.  We decided […]

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Pressing on – Meet Curtis and Kim Brown

Curtis and I met in college in 2003.  He says he tried to “hang out” with me on several different occasions, but I wasn’t really having it.   After a couple years I finally gave in.  We hung out on September 5th, 2005 and everyday after that.  We were married a year later on August […]

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Mother’s Day – Meet Crystal & Jared Malone

I was so honored when Footsteps for Fertility asked me to be a guest blogger for this Mother’s Day. I, like many of you, suffer with infertility. First, to introduce myself, my name is Crystal and my husband’s name is Jared. We have been together for four years and married for almost two. He is […]

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It’s A BOY!

It’s a Boy!

We can’t tell you how long we’ve waited to be able to make just such an announcement. Our prayers have been answered and we are thrilled that we will be welcoming our son, whom we expect to arrive right around August 3, 2013.

This whole experience has been a whirlwind. When we think back […]

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