Footsteps for Fertility Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, acknowledged by the IRS, identification number 46-1970265.

All donations made to Footsteps for Fertility Foundation are tax deductible in the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of a potential grant is not an exact number. Our Foundation is able to operate through generous donations of services from our participating clinics. Those services are donated in-kind and don’t have an exact dollar amount attached. Monetary grants have a starting value of $5,000 (typically) but can be decreased if the treatments necessary are less.

We know even the grants we offer may not even come close to the amount some treatment plans require. Chances are that your treatment will incur expenses beyond what either type of grant provides. If you aren’t prepared to pay for the remainder, this grant may not be for you. Our outlook on the matter is to help as many families as we can to get a start and defray the expense for fertility treatments.

5K Grant Giving Event Applications:
Our grant application is $30, but must be accompanied with an event registration and attendance which is $35.

National Application:
The typical couple will spend $100 to attend a 5K grant giving event.
Registration ($35×2) + Application fee $30 = $100
For consistency, we offer the National Application for $100 per applicant couple.

Early race registration costs $35. This price includes admission to the event, a t-shirt, and one ticket for your team.

Late race registration costs $40. This price includes admission to the event, a t-shirt (if available), and one ticket for your team.

For 5K applicant couples only: you will also need to log in, pay for ($30), and submit your grant application.

Once you reach 26 weeks gestation, your grant will be forfeited and passed on to another grant applicant.

Yes, any patient who is awarded the Footsteps for Fertility Foundation Grant must be a U.S. Citizen.

The Footsteps for Fertility Foundation Grant will only go toward the cost for your procedure.

No, Footsteps for Fertility Foundation will only pay for the cost of your procedure. Any unused money from your grant will be put toward future grants for other grant recipients.

All monies will be handled between Footsteps for Fertility Foundation and your fertility clinic directly.

No, this grant will only be valid toward future fertility treatments.

No, our recipients are chosen by random selection. Footsteps for Fertility Foundation wants everyone to have an equal chance at receiving necessary fertility treatments to grow their families.

No, but you must use the grant within a year of the date awarded. Special regard may be given for those with extenuating circumstances.

Please reference to find out what clinics in your area are certified.

“The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology promotes and advances the standards for the practice of assisted reproductive technology to the benefit of our patients, members, and society at large”

A monetary grant may be used at any of our SART certified partner clinics. A donated grant must be used at the donating partner clinic.

No, tickets are not for purchase. Each registration packet will contain one complimentary ticket.

No, we will always offer a “Sleep-in for Fertility” registration option. This registration option is ideal for out of town family, or those who simply do not wish to participate in the event, but still want to be supportive. With this registration option, they will still receive a registration packet which will include one complimentary ticket. We will allow for members of the same team to pick up packets, and submit tickets for absent registrants.

Yes, one or both partners must be present at our event to receive the grant, should one be awarded to you.

We require a physician’s note within 2 weeks of receiving a Footsteps for Fertility Foundation grant. In order to maintain your grant, you will need to provide an official diagnosis from a qualified physician’s office, which includes a complete explanation of reason for infertility, and a diagnosis which states the minimum treatment required for you to conceive.

You can register for an event, create and build a team at any time. We accept grant applications filled out online until race packet pick-up (typically the day prior to the race).

Organizing by team enables the team captain to track supporters that have signed up for the race.

Grants will be awarded by random selection process directly following the 5k race. Each registrant will receive one complimentary ticket with their registration that may be entered for random selection to be awarded a Footsteps Grant for themselves, or for someone they know who requires fertility treatments.

Grant recipients are chosen by random selection. The only requirement is to fill out our grant application, attend the event and comply with all terms and conditions.

Yes, Footsteps for Fertility Foundation will award grants based on monies raised at events and through sponsorships and donations made throughout the year.

Footsteps for Fertility Foundation will host at least one event per year. Typically, grants will be awarded at the annual 5 Kilometer race. Upon reconciliation at the end of our fiscal year, we may determine that additional grants will be awarded.

No, currently Footsteps for Fertility is only offering grants in conjunction with events. We are working toward a National application process and we will keep you informed of any changes.


Yes, in order to streamline and keep the grant process organized it must be completed online. The application process does have a fee but if the application is filled out in association with an event, you will get one complimentary ticket along with your application.

The Footsteps for Fertility Foundation Grant is a grant which is awarded to couples who require fertility treatments to have children. Grants through Footsteps for Fertility Foundation are either, in kind donated services from Clinical Partners, or are monetary typically valued at $5,000 each or less depending on the cost of your required treatment. The Footsteps for Fertility Foundation Grant can be applied toward treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Frozen Embryo Transfers (FET), or up to three Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) transfers taking place within a 12 month period of time.