What is a Grant?

The Footsteps for Fertility Foundation Grant is a grant which is awarded to couples who require fertility treatments to have children. Grants through Footsteps for Fertility Foundation are either, in kind donated services from Clinical Partners, or are monetary typically valued at $5,000 each or less depending on the cost of your required treatment.  The Footsteps for Fertility Foundation Grant can be applied toward treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Frozen Embryo Transfers (FET), or up to three Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) transfers taking place within a 12 month period of time.

Participating SART recognized Fertility clinic/centers donate their services for one IVF cycle, in kind, to the Footsteps for Fertility Foundation annually, to be awarded at fundraising events as Footsteps for Fertility Foundation Grants. In addition, Footsteps for Fertility Foundation awards monetary grants, typically $5000.

All 5K Race Grants are awarded by random selection and the process takes place following the 5K race. Each race registrant will receive one complimentary ticket with their event registration that may be entered for random selection to be awarded a Footsteps Grant for themselves, or for someone they know who requires fertility treatments.

If you don’t live near a 5K event or can’t attend, we also periodically offer a National Application. National Applications are typically random selection.

How do I qualify for a Grant?

Grants Awarded since 2012

All Applicants:

  • Meet the definition of infertility as defined by SART
  • Complete and pay the online application
  • Comply with corresponding terms and conditions

5K event applicants only:

  • Register for and attend your local event
  • Create a team and invite your friends and family to support you

More Information

Consistent with our philosophy that everyone deserves the chance to build their family, all 5K race event grants are chosen at random.
Building a team is only applicable to applicants of 5K Grant Giving Events.

The purpose of building a team of supporters is threefold.
1) to raise infertility awareness by inviting friends and family to participate
2) to maximize participation and fundraising efforts
3) your friends and family will receive one complimentary ticket with their registration that may be entered on behalf of your team for random selection to be awarded a Footsteps Grant

During the registration process you will have the opportunity to create a team. This is the best way to track and keep your supporters organized. Invite your friends and family to join your team and increase your chance at being awarded a grant.

5K Grant Giving Event Applications:
Our grant application is $30, but must be accompanied with an event registration and attendance which is $35.

National Application:
The typical couple will spend $100 to attend a 5K grant giving event.
Registration ($35×2) + Application fee $30 = $100
For consistency, we offer the National Application for $100 per applicant couple.

Application fees pay for our use of an online automated application system. Since we have limited human resources, we must streamline the process by having an electronic system. In addition, application fees fund monetary Footsteps for Fertility Foundation Grants.
The amount of a potential grant is not an exact number. Our Foundation is able to operate through generous donations of services from our participating clinics. Those services are donated in-kind and don’t have an exact dollar amount attached. Monetary grants are typically $5,000, but can be decreased if the treatments necessary are less.

We know that the grants we offer may not even come close to the amount some treatment plans require. Chances are that your treatment will incur expenses beyond what either type of grant provides. If you aren’t prepared to pay for the remainder, this grant may not be for you. Our outlook on the matter is to help as many families as we can to get a start and defray the expense for fertility treatments.

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